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About Us

ViniPortugal is the Interprofessional Association of the Portuguese Wine Industry and the entity managing the brand Wines of Portugal. Its aim is to promote the image of Portugal as a wine producing country par excellence by valuing the brand Wines of Portugal.

Founded in 1997 as a private non-profit association, it groups leading associations and professional organizations representing the trade (ANCEVE and ACIBEV), production (FENAVI and FEVIPOR), cooperative wineries (FENADEGAS), distillers (AND), farmers (CAP) and demarcated regions (ANDOVI). 

Through ViniPortugal, the brand Wines of Portugal is consistently present in 4 continents and 11 strategic markets. With an annual investment of around 7 million euros, ViniPortugal carries out over 100 annual Portuguese wine promotional actions involving around 350 national wine producers.



ViniPortugal’s board is composed of three members: Jorge Monteiro chairs the interprofessional association while João Roquete and Luis Pato divide the vice-presidency.


Jorge Monteiro

Born in September 6, 1951, Jorge Monteiro graduated in Electro technical Engineering at Porto University in 1975. That same year he began his professional life as a secondary education teacher.

In 1981 he joined Renault, where he assumed Engineer duties at the Industrial Methods Department, moving later, in 1987, to the Technical Efficiency and Organization Department at Philips Portugal. 

Between 1988 and 1991 he was portfolio manager at SPR - Sociedade Portuguesa de Capital de Risco, S.A. (Portuguese Venture-Capital Company).  In 1990 he completed the Senior Business Management Program by AESE - School of Management and Business.

In 1991 he takes on the role of Managing Director of the Porto Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), as well as that of Executive Director of the Industrial Engineering and Management Portuguese Association (APGEI). 

Five years later, in 1996, he becomes vice-president of the Northern Region Steering Committee and Manager of the Douro Development Program (PRODOURO).


João Roquette

Since 2005, performs duties at the company founded by his father Jose Roquette, in 1973, having promoted a five year strategic plan, providing a vision and a new project for the company. In 2007 he took the role of Managing Director.

He accumulates the Esporão Group's executive leadership with the roles of Administrator at the distributing company PrimeDrinks, Vice President at ViniPortugal,  Director at ACIBEV and is a member of the General Council of the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission.

Luís Pato

Winegrower for 30 years, Luis Pato has inherited the legacy of his father JoãoPato, the first producer / bottler in the Bairrada region after its demarcation. In 1980 Luis Pato produced his first wine and in 1985 undertook two revolutions in Bairrada: he made red wine ??from destemmed grapes and aged wine in new French oak barrels. In 1988 he produced the first “Vinhas Velhas” (Old Vines) wine of the country.

He has also followed a 28 year path devoted to the promotion work in more than 25 markets worldwide. He is a judge at  the IWC, at Concours Mondial du Vin and at several national wine competitions.