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China Find Importers Day- Porto (CH17)

China Find Importers Day- Porto (CH17)

25/06/2017 a 01/07/2017 - Portugal
12 Importadores

No cumprimento do Plano de Promoção de 2017 e tendo como objectivo aumentar a distribuição de vinhos portugueses no mercado da China, a ViniPortugal vai organizar a vinda de 12 importadores a Portugal, com o objectivo de alargarem o seu portefólio de vinhos portugueses. A acção “Find Importers Day” realizar-se-á a 26 a 30 de Junho, em formato de prova com reuniões individuais, num local por definir no Porto. Seguidamente todos os AE´s inscritos terão a oportunidade nessa semana de serem visitados na sua propriedade por um de três grupos de 6 importadores.

A ViniPortugal convida todos os agentes económicos a se inscreverem.


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Lista de Importadores

Participarão nesta acção 12 importadores:




"LEFOU WINES was founded in 2008. It has been importing wines from the major wine producing countries for years. Lots of brands have been well presented and distributed to the whole China market. Main sales channels are through distributors, whole sellers, group buyers and individuals. LEFOU CELLARS is our franchising system, so far there are 22 shops in many different parts of China market.

Importation in 2016 was about 3 million bottles and reached a 50 million RMB sales."






"Jiangsu Lafeite Biotechnology Ltd. (below Lafeite) is based at Nanjing, who was founded in year 1999, formerly was known as Jiangsu Province Grape Research Institute Limited. Lafeite has been as member of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export firms for many years, and became as vice-president member of Wine Branch of the Chamber since year 2010.

The registered capital of Lafeite is 1.38 million Chinese Yuan, and the total capital is about 300 million Chinese Yuan. The main business of Lafeite is daily goods and wine import. Besides, Lafeite also enriches its business scope in various fields, for example, hotel, supermarket, restaurant, pension and health care, as well as wine production in France. In 2010, Lafeite made an investment of 150 million Chinese Yuan in Château Lafeite in Nanjing. Besides, Château Lafeite is also an important platform to present culture of wine, food, and hotel of Europe, which can be seen as a bridge to connect China and Europe in the way of not only business but also culture and friendship.

Now Lafeite is planning to expand its import sources, for example, import mainly French wine would be instead of bringing in not only French wine but also wine from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc.”




"Noble Family Micro Wine Port Chain Co., Ltd.is an excellent service brand for franchising liquor product chain store building and operating business. It is member of China Chain Store and Franchise Association, and member vice-president unit of China National Association for Liquor and Spirits Circulation.

Noble Family was listed on NEEQ (code:835961)in 2016, becoming one of the few listed company in the industry of liquor and spirits circulation.

Noble family built Operation Centers in 27 Chinese provinces, operating over 2000 outlets in China. Besides liquor product sales, it also conducts business like “buy liquors, get car insurance free”, “crowd funding for vinery” and “old wine stock trading”. Based on internet, it develops O2O model and moving from offline to online business.   

Noble Family’s principle is to sell real and noble products only. Its cooperators contain Moutai, Wuliangye, French Royal Family, Aobo and Spanish Via Rossato. Its products cover all the categories like Chinese liquor, wine, Brandy, yellow rice wine and beer.

Noble Family is taking the trend of internet to connect the entire industrial chain, hoping to build a value chain system of franchise brand. It provides top quality service to liquor manufacturers, franchisees and its members, for its vision of “century-old company, 10 billion market value”.  





“Founded in 2009, H&L Wine Ningbo International Co. Ltd is a wine specialist, majoring in wine brand agent, retail & wholesale and catering service. With branches established all over China, we boast an experienced and professional team of wine procurement and marketing, warehouses of more than 8,200 specially-designed for wine storage, as well as an annual wine import volume of over 900,000 liters. In wine brand agenting, we always uphold the quality commitment, and have won a good reputation in the industry.”




"Group of gemma group founded in 1988, in the president under the leadership of Lin Jianguo, operating from a single wine, a trade based, involving manufacturing, scientific research, modern agriculture, real estate development, higher education and other industries, ""science, industry, business and trade"" for large enterprises cross industry and cross region the body of the. The group's existing liquor, After more than and 20 years of steady development, has become China's leading enterprises in the field of circulation. And continue to expand the business brand, set up famous brand and establish brand ""business philosophy, give full play to its own brand, network, talent, capital, management and other parties to achieve competitive advantage, mainly from the wine industry, wine industry and its related industries to change the direction of joint; from marketing oriented, and changes to the manufacturing and marketing of the road; from industry management, change the pattern of industrial management and capital operation combined with the direction of the transformation of the three strategies.”




"Established on 2002, started wine import business from 2010.

SHANGHAI TIANYUE DICHENG WINE CORP. mainly focuses on coastal provinces such as Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong provinces. We have distributors over 30 provinces in China.

 We imported over 2,000,000 bottles wines on 2016. Our wine range covers easy wine to fine wine, about 100 different wines. We have our wine shop, distribution systems, covering most of wine scope. Now our company developed six hundreds of distributers cover 30 provinces more.

We have a team for international wine sourcing, visit our main supplier every year in overseas to meet our partners and taste wines. We are developing our suppliers very seriously to ensure the quality of wine and looking forward long term partnership in Chinese market.

Shanghai Tianyue started Portugal wine sales from Jan. 2017, We sold 100,000 bottles on stock plus 400,000 more forward sales until Feb. We ordered over 700,000 bottles until the end of Feb. 2017, including about 20 SKU. We can estimate the Sale of Portugal wine this year will around 3,000,000 bottles, about 20% percent more of our revenue."





"Shenzhen Ruiwen Trading Co., Ltd endeavors to become a Professional Wholesaler, Brand Operator, Marketing Plan Provider of Imported Wine. In 2005, we set up the first specialty store of imported wines in Shenzhen. In 2008, our wholesale of imported wine had been expanded across the nation. In 2009, we started the brand operation. In 2010, we became the designated wine supplier of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. In 2012, our products had been available for sale in the Rainbow, JUSCO, PARK SHOP and other supermarket chains. In 2014, we initiated the mobile e-commerce operation. In 2015, we became an overall marketing solution provider for distributors."





"It was 1996 when Sourceland Wines Shenzhen Ltd first started its alcohol business in Shenzhen, now the company is mainly acting as a wine importer and distributor in China.

We are now importing many dozens of wine brands with over 400 labels from both old and new world covering almost every major region. We are distributing the wines to hotels, bars and western restaurants. We also do the retails in our own wine cellar chains.

Most of our wines are selected from family owned, high quality boutique wineries with limited production. All the wines have received good comments or outstanding points from world-renowned wine critics. We have classified French Bordeaux and Burgundies, stunning Italian Brunellos, and Super Tuscans, good tasting wines from South Australia, best buys from South America and even rare California Cabernets.


We can also deliver wines conveniently to your door upon receiving your orders by fax, email or your call. The wines will be professionally packaged with foam containers or with other suitable packages. Background information or tasting notes can be attached with each delivery. You may receive one bonus bottle of a "unique and unusual" special selection in our promotion period.





"Shenzhen Xindu Wine Cube Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, by the Shenzhen Xindu Hotel Co., Ltd. and Fujian Quanzhou Wine Cube Wine Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of a professional modern wine sales company.

Xindu wine cube core power is a rich product system. The operating brand products are: Wuliangye, Maotai, Jiannanchun, Dong wine, Langjiu, Luzhou Laojiao, Yanghe Daqu, Fenjiu, Gujing tribute wine, Shuijingfang and other top ten well-known brands of liquor, and the Dragon Manor series, France Cluster series of wine , Germany Caesar beer and other foreign wines.


Xindu wine cube and hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, excellent suppliers to establish a direct and seamless close relations of cooperation, with liquor, wine, wine and other upstream product resources; own liquor production Maotai liquor and red wine; Made more than 1,000 well-known Chinese winery distributor in China. Xindu wine cube completely consumer demand-oriented, sales of goods are derived from well-known brands; nearly 3,000 species, covering the whole category, fully guarantee the rich choice of quality products for consumers.”




"Wenzhou United Federation of supply and Marketing International Trade Co. Ltd.

United Federation of supply and Marketing International is a wine business enterprises focused on the import and sale domestic and overseas famous brands. The company is committed to guide healthy drinking cultures and fashion consumption concept to provide the best quality products and satisfactory services for customers. Own to successful operation, company positively explores the national consumer market, and intensifies efforts to introduce the well-known brand wine.

Wenzhou United Federation of supply and Marketing International Trade Co. Ltd is afflicted with the parent company of Supply and Marketing Corporation, Founded in January 1, 2014. Adhering to the mission of enliven circulation serving the region equality and mutual benefit absorbed the superior traditional service from Supply and Marketing Cooperation, professional and efficient service concept in good faith."




"In 1997,Tai Hung Fat Industries(Hong Kong) Ltd. Was Established Main International Trade Business. In 2014,Tai Hung Fat International Wines ShenZhen Ltd.Was Established Main International Brands Of Wine And Spirits Business. Country And Area: France, Australia Chile.

Main Products:

1Les Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) Distribution (LegendeSagaReserve);

  2Casillero Del Diablo;

  3Yellow Tail;


  5Wolf Blass;





"Founded in 2006, Fuzhou Jiuhui Quancheng Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional chain company that integrates the business of wholesale, retail and joint investment of high, moderate and low-end drinks. The company owns two brands of drink chain supermarkets named ""Jiuhui Quancheng (Spread around the Whole City)"", ""Jiuyuejiu (September Drinks)"". The company owns nearly 20 drink chain supermarkets in Fujian and Jiangxi. The company’s turnover of 2016 has exceeded 50 million CNY.

Converge Famous Drinks and Spread around the Whole City. Based on the nearly ten years of experience in the operation of drinks and the accumulation of drink producers, the company has now signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of drink producers, with diversified products and covering all kinds of best-selling drinks.

Quality is Guaranteed and Decuple Penalty for Fake. The company always adhere to this business philosophy, and has obtained much recognition from the massive consumers and partners; meanwhile, the company is well-known in the industry. The company was granted several titles in 2016, e.g. ""Executive Director of Drink Circulation Association of Fujian Province"" and ""Demonstration Shop with Credibility of Fujian Drink Industry"", and now the company is the ""Executive Director of Drink Heroes Union of China"".



Programa “Find Importer Day”:

Esta acção terá a duração de 5 dias e será organizada da seguinte forma:


Dia 1 | 26 de Junho | segunda-feira

Local TBC , Porto


9:30 Receção dos importadores 

10:00- 12:00 Masterclass sobre Vinhos Portugueses (exclusivo para importadores)

12:00 – 14:00 Almoço (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa*)

14:00- 16:00 Provas e reuniões individuais**

16:00 -16:30 Coffee break

16:30 – 18:30 Provas e reuniões individuais**

18:30 -19:30 Workshop - “Como ser bem-sucedido no mercado chinês: perspectiva do importador” (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa)


*preço €25/pessoa. Inscrições directamente na plataforma aquando da inscrição no evento.

**provas com o primeiro grupo de produtores. Cada produtor inscrito participa em apenas um dia de provas. Por produtor, será permitida a apresentação de um máximo de 5 referências/ mesa.

Dia 2 | 27 de Junho | terça-feira

Local TBC , Porto


10:00 – 12:00 Provas e reuniões individuais**

12:00 -14:00 Almoço (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa*)

14:00 – 16:00 Provas e reuniões individuais **

16:00 -17:00 Workshop - “Como ser bem-sucedido no mercado chinês: perspectiva do importador” (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa)

20:00-22:00 Jantar num dos produtores inscritos no Programa


*preço €25/pessoa. Inscrições directamente na plataforma aquando da inscrição no evento.

**provas com o primeiro grupo de produtores. Cada produtor inscrito participa em apenas num dia de provas.

Dia 3/4/5 | 28/29/30 de Junho | quarta-feira a sexta-feira

Visita aos produtores inscritos no programa***


Os importadores serão divididos em 2 grupos de 6. Todos os produtores inscritos receberão a visita de um destes grupos na sua propriedade de acordo com itinerário a facultar. Nesta visita poderão apresentar o seu projecto e apresentar a gama mais extensa do seu portefólio (max. 5 vinhos).


10:00 – 12:00 Visita 1

13:00 -16:00 Visita 2 c/ Almoço

18:00 – 21:00 Visita 3 c/ Jantar


*** A ViniPortugal reserva-se no direito de propor um local diferente de visita ao produtor, caso a sua propriedade seja num local de difícil acesso ou que seja impossível de conciliar com o restante itinerário.