Detalhes do evento

Comitivas de Compradores de Retalho I e II (US17)

Comitivas de Compradores de Retalho I e II (US17)

25/06/2017 a 08/07/2017 - Portugal
9 AE Anfitrião | 45 AE Convidados em cada Comitiva


No cumprimento do Plano de Promoção de 2017 e tendo como objectivo aumentar a distribuição de vinhos portugueses no retalho americano, a ViniPortugal vai organizar a vinda de 2 grupos de 6 compradores de retalho a Portugal em Junho e Julho, com o objectivo de alargarem o seu portefólio de vinhos portugueses. As comitivas serão realizadas de 25 de Junho a 1 de Julho e de 2 a 8 de Julho de 2017. Participarão nestas comitivas os compradores de retalho abaixo mencionados.

A ViniPortugal convida todos os agentes económicos com distribuição no mercado a se inscreverem.


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Comitiva de retalho I – 25 de Junho a 1 de Julho de 2017

Jason Bittay – Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits (7 stores), New Jersey

Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits is a small chain wine, spirits and beer retailer. They have a vast selection of top tier wine and spirits in their stores as well as online. With a wide array of alcohol selection, you can’t go wrong stopping in these stores and exploring what they have to offer.

James DeLeon - Kroger, Houston

Kroger operates 2,796 grocery retail stores in 35 states under nearly two dozen banners. Their formats include supermarkets, price-impact warehouse stores, and multi-department stores, which are similar to supercenters, but offer an expanded variety of national brand appeal and general merchandise. One of their newest additions, in select Kroger stores, is a wine program lead by James DeLeon. It allows customers to learn about and try some of the wines sold in the store.

Don Norton – Noe Valley Wine Merchants, San Francisco

Noe Valley Wine Merchants is a neighborhood store with a curated selection of wine, beer, hard cider & assorted spirits. This 1,060-square-foot space has a tasting room and nearly 500 wines to taste and choose from. They also have an online retail site where consumers can purchase all of the bottles they have in store.

Peter Andrews – Prima Vini Wine Merchants, Walnut Creek, CA (Bay Area)
Prima Vini is PRIMA’s full service wine merchant specializing in distinctive, small-production and difficult-to-obtain wines from all over the world. Thirty plus years in the business have allowed them to forge great relationships with some of California’s premier wineries and they also offer particularly strong selections of Italian and other international wines. Their experienced, long-term staff is focused on providing friendly, knowledgeable, professional service.

Jonathan Seabra – Seabra Foods (18 stores), New Jersey

Seabra Foods was founded in 1967 and is the leading ethnic food retailer in the United States. The Seabra Foods chain consists of 12 locations across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida.  It feature products from Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Spain and more.  Their mission is to go beyond normal retail and put their customers first.

TJ Douglas – The Urban Grape South End, Boston

The Urban Grape is an award-winning wine, craft beer, and spirits store located in Boston’s vibrant South End neighborhood. Urban Grape is the first store to utilize Progressive Shelving, a unique system of organizing wines by their body, rather than varietal or region. Progressive Shelving allows the staff to help you pick the perfect wine for your palate.


Comitiva de retalho II – de 2 a 8 de Julho de 2017

John Roenigk – Austin Wine Merchant, Austin

The Austin Wine Merchant strives to bring more than your average bottle shop. Starting with their urban garden out front, where customers are encouraged to take some fresh herbs home to enjoy. Inside, their friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to help you find just what you are looking for from the careful selection of wines, spirits, beers, accessories and more. They host weekly, complimentary wine tastings to show off recent arrivals, seasonal wines or to celebrate a particular set of wines with a trusted producer who may be in town. You can take in the whole program or just stroll through the store, peruse the selection whilst enjoying a pleasant sip of wine.

Cristiano Andrade – Sea Grape Wine Shop, New York City

Sea Grape Wine Shop is a West Village oenophile favorite featuring moderately priced, hard-to-find small winery bottlings and popular Thursday night tastings. This snug shop is packed with international wines and offers free local delivery.  They have affordable wines along with a nice selection of fine wine. Sea Grape was established in 1989, and is named after a prominent bush berry in Southern Florida and the Caribbean. It is also a nickname for a deep-sea amoeba.  The owner is an avid surfer with a passion for wine.

Darrell Greiwe – Spirit Wine (2 stores), New Orleans

Spirit Wine is a purveyor of wine, beer and spirits of extraordinary terroir and values.  They hold weekly tastings, classes, wine dinners and special events; as well as offering party, wedding and catering services. It also is a food market in partnership with Gator and Crane, a buying club offering fresh produce, prepared foods, home goods and personal care items. They also hold free "happier hour" tastings Fridays from 5pm-7pm come rain or shine.

Melissa Zeman – wineHouse, Chicago

At wineHouse they offer a diverse collection of wines that was chosen with your home/palate/pocketbook/meal/glass in mind. Organized by weight (or body), their selection encourages you to explore the world of wine from the comfort of our shop. From popular favorites, like Cabs and Chards, to interesting varietals, like Refosco and Colombard (plus a lovely Kosher selection!), their team will help you select wines you like and find wines you didn’t know you liked.

Elizabeth Sharp – The Wine Mine, Oakland

The Wine Mine is a low key, high service wine shop that was established in 2007. They offer a wide range of wine varietals that are valued from $7-$100. They also conduct laid back, weekly $1 wine tastings every Saturday from 2-5pm. For your buck (total) you will try five or more wines every week.

Nathan Gordon– The Vineyard Wine Shop and City Wine (2 stores), Denver

The Vineyard Wine Shop is located in central Denver's Cherry Creek North shopping district. Their wine cellar is stocked with thousands of bottles from all over the world at prices that are sure to please. They offer a variety of unique services for you to choose from, most notably the famous Wine of the Month Clubs and Dealer's Choice. Each program is a great way to experience an exciting variety of fabulous wines at terrific savings. Free in-store wine tastings every Friday and Saturday from 2-6pm. Come in, grab a glass and taste delicious wines from around the world. All tasting day wines are available at special pricing.  Nathan recently also opened a new wine shop called City Wine, which offers a unique, curated selection of wines from around the world, as well as craft beer and boutique spirits.

Detalhes da viagem a Portugal:

A visita destes profissionais será de 5 dias úteis e contará com a organização de até 9 visitas a produtores anfitriões pelo país.


Modalidades de Inscrição

Face a este número limitado de visitas (nove) que os compradores poderão fazer, estabeleceram-se 2 modalidades diferentes, com custos e níveis de notoriedade diferentes, de modo a poder incluir o maior número possível de projectos e tendo em conta a existência de possíveis interessados com dimensões diferentes.

Assim, teremos:




Estrutura de cada visita

Cada uma das 9 visitas terá lugar na propriedade de um AE Anfitrião, terá uma duração total de até 4horas divididas em 3 fases distintas:

  1. Visita à propriedade do AE Anfitrião, com apresentação individual desse projecto – duração máxima de 1 hora;
  2. Prova de vinhos genérica, com a participação máxima de 6 empresas distintas (o AE Anfitrião + 5 AE Convidados), em que cada empresa terá a sua mesa (onde pode apresentar um máximo de 5 referências) e poderá contactar directamente cada um dos 6 convidados – duração máxima de 1.5 horas;
  3. Almoço/ Jantar ligeiro, a ser fornecido pelo AE Anfitrião para um máximo de cerca de 13 pessoas (6 compradores, 5 representantes de cada um dos AE Convidados e 2 membros da Organização) + equipa anfitriã – duração máxima de 1.5 hora.


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