About Us

Social Responsability

VINIPORTUGAL is a socially responsible entity in the most diverse plans, with the best practices and striving for a fairer and more environmentally friendly society.

As an Interprofessional Organization of Wine of Portugal, VINIPORTUGAL is committed to:

Respect for Human Rights, complying with international legislation on Labour, Protection of Minors and Non-Gender Discrimination

The preservation of the environment and the defense of the best environmental practices

Moderate and Responsible consumption being SIGNATORY OF THE "WINE IN MODERATION" PROGRAM

Visit the WINE IN MODERATION Program Website

Enjoy the best that wine has to offer, avoid excess. Follow our guidelines for a moderate and responsible wine consumption.

"Wine in Moderation" is the European Program that aims to promote responsibility and moderation in wine consumption.

It positions wine as a product of excellence, to be savored in a calm and moderate way. It aims to educate stakeholders and the public in general on the social and health risks of excessive consumption and improper use of alcohol, while encouraging a cultural change in the approach to consumption, making moderation a trend fashion.

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