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The campaign "A Copo!" was created in late 2010 by ViniPortugal with the aim of re-positioning the image of wine by the glass, raise consumer awareness about benefits associated with the consumption of quality wine by the glass, and promoting a quality wine by glass service in hotels, restaurants, wine shops, bars and wine bars.




Good Moments should be celebrated “A COPO!” (By the Glass)


The campaign "a copo!” is aimed at the end consumer with the goal of revitalizing the image of wine by the glass consumption and communicate the benefits of its consumption.


The intention is to link the consumption of wine by the glass to urban, international environments, to moments of conviviality where consumption can be done in a relaxed and healthy way, between family or friends, at the table or accompanying a simple conversation, creating a new trend consumption. To drink wine by the glass should be regarded as an elegant, sophisticated, yet relaxed, way of socializing. The consumption of wine by the glass is assumed as a trend, as a fashionable consumption.


Wine by the Glass allows a tremendous versatility in wine consumption. It is an expeditious and attractive way of being able to taste several wines throughout a meal, of having flexibility in the wine choice in group settings, of gaining access to novelties, of getting to know less publicized wines, of being able to consume Premium wine at an interesting price, of giving the opportunity to adequately pair a different wine with each course of the meal and thus having the best food-wine harmonization, much in vogue now in restaurants with tasting menus. Besides that it allows a responsible consumption ( in moderation and according to each individual’s wishes.


The “A Copo!” parties are the epitome of the campaign/consumer interaction. For two days Bairro Alto neighbourhood, in Lisbon, is animated and celebrates, glass by glass, the good moments in life. 

Invest in your Business Glass by Glass!


The campaign "a copo" also has the aim of raising awareness, inform and educate the HORECA channel about the necessity of implementing an adequate "a copo" service. The campaign "a copo", when addressed to the HORECA channel, highlights the following aspects: benefits of wine by the glass; need to improve procedures; wine by the glass as a differentiating factor and enabler of customer seduction and loyalty. Furthermore, wine by the glass allows an easy wine turnover in restaurants and an increased business margin.


As part of the campaign "A Copo!”, the association listened , trained and ranked bars, wine bars and restaurants across the country to create a roadmap for a wine by the glass service of guaranteed excellence. 


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