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Wines of Portugal Brand Strategy

To develop and execute such innovative and relevant strategies and market plans that position Portugal, over the next 3 years, as the next hot spot in the international wine scene. Focus efforts on 11 strategic markets.


Wines of Portugal Brand Global Objectives

  • To create an appetite for Portuguese wines, making them more competitive;
  • Increase the Wines of Portugal perceived value leveraging the growth in market value.

2012-2014 Operacional Objectives

  • Create a strong awareness of the brand and its differentiating positioning;
  • Establish unequivocally the visibility of the brand’s graphic identity in order to make it memorable;
  • Establish brand positioning, without which Portuguese wines will not have their own unique style and "A World of Difference".

Message to communicate - a World of Difference

  • Wines of Portugal provide a unique experience, due to the way they are produced – INTENSE AND DISTINCTIVE;

  • This difference derives from their regions – the terroirs – their Grape Varieties, Techniques and People who create them;
  • In their diversity they are versatile and gastronomic;
  • World quality wines with a good global QUALITY / PRICE relationship.

Focus for professionals

  • Our wines are surprising (exciting), current (new) different (unique) and consistently good (world class);
  • Focus on the difference in the terroirs, in the diversity of wines and GRAPE VARIETIES (producing country with the highest number of grape varieties per hectare of vines planted) and Techniques;
  • Extend your offer (portfolio) with different wines.

Focus for consumers

  • World quality wines; a safe bet in all categories;

  • In their diversity they are versatile and gastronomic.

Message to be retained about Portuguese wines:

  • DISTINCT – for their terroirs, for their indigenous grape varieties and for the people that produce them. They are different, genuinely Portuguese, they have quality;
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCE – for the taste, the elegance and complexity. Tourism and wine tourism as an extension of the wine experience.
  • SURPRISING – for the culinary polyvalence and versatility, adaptable to the different moments of consumption and excellent value for money.
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