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Wine Meets World Fair 2016

Outras Notícias  - Coreia do Sul 2016-08-03

South Korea is the herb land where beauties and gifts of nations collaborate. This also works for the wine industry. The ‘W.M.W2016 ’ is for all the residents of the wine world. Everyone whose mind and spirit belong to the nature and wine can become a part of our show.

The Wine Fair will create the harmony among wines from different continents and take you to the wonderland of wine. Products from the Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania are all here.

This will be one of the world’s leading wine trade and promotion events. We guarantee you will taste the win and success for your global market business through our platform.

The event will be held on December 2nd–4th KINTEX, South Korea and the registrations are open until October 31st here